Built-in Substrate, Renault/Volvo

SCR with ASC

Type approved product for use on specified Euro 6 applications

High durability and effectiveness

Extended lifetime and higher efficiency

In-house developed technology and manufacture

Match OE performance

3 Years Warranty

Dinex nº9AA098
Normativa Euro:Euro 6
Número tarifa8421320000
Peso neto [kg]12.35
Norma de emisionesEuro 6
Diámetro interior [mm]241.30
Longitud [mm]252.30
MaterialCeramic & Stainless Steel
Diámetro exterior [mm]252.30
Altura [mm]400.00
Ancho [mm]252.30
Weight [LBS]27.23
Altura [pulgadas]15.75
Longitud [in]9.93
Ancho [pulgadas]9.93