Heavy Duty V-Clamp, DAF style, Ø=127 / L=20 mm, INOX

DAF style

Directly replaceable with OE Clamps and Gaskets

In-house manufacturing

1 Year Warranty

Dinex nº21850
OE nº120432115, 6674170001, 1172803, 1232979, 1452973
Normativa Euro:Euro 5
Alternative version 21821
MaterialAcero fino
Número tarifa7326909890
Diámetro [mm]127.00
Diámetro [pulgadas]5
Peso neto [kg]0.19
Longitud [mm]180.00
Norma de emisionesEuro 5
Altura [mm]20.00
Ancho [mm]160.00
Weight [LBS]0.42
Altura [pulgadas]0.79
Ancho [pulgadas]6.18
Longitud [in]7.08