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About Digitalisation, Green Agenda, and Attraction the Right Talents


Digitalization trends brings exciting opportunities for both employees and employers. But how do we fit these new opportunities into our way of organizing, and harvest the full benefits for both climate, recruitment and retention?

Dinex Leadership Academy


Investing in our human resources is the key to many of our successes. This continous cycle of resource development has yielded very positive results. Read on and see what the Dinex Leadership Academy has focused on during the first half of 2021 globally.


Our ambition for 2021 is to focus on onboarding methods cultivating social connectedness that will support acclimatization of our new local and international employees. Introducing Social Buddy program is our next step to a successful onboarding experience.

Dinex - More than type approved


Over 50 parts are now type approved the last two years in the Dinex range. The unique position on the aftermarket includes many advantages, which our Product Director points out here.

Dinex strengthens it’s position in North America


Dinex extend with three new 3PL warehouses in the US, and has now totally five distributions centers in North America, bringing the company much closer to the customers with full range of exhaust parts.

A Euro 6 revolution - the Dinex OneBox is coming to Europe!


Prepare yourself as Dinex is soon releasing the very first full Euro 6 Aftertreatment Solution for the aftermarket – complete with easily interchangeable DPFs, Type Approved technologies, and 3 years warranty.


Or: How Dinex India grew from nothing to a PPAP-approved BS-VI solution, a new local production site, and an on-boarded local organization – In just 1 year. Once again, Dinex is shaking the industry baseline for agility and ability to execute.


There is a  whole world of science behind emission control products. Come along and let us show you how we deep dive into the chemistry of emission control catalysts and how this translates into better products.


Thinking outside the box, finding a way where others don’t, challenging “the usual way”, and solving challenges with an original approach. Call it what you want, but at Dinex this is simply a fundamental part of our culture, which is particularly well exemplified by the patents we produce.


95% of NOx emissions from European Heavy-Duty vehicles originate from +8 year old pre-Euro VI vehicles, that are bound to be phased out eventually. So, is NOx still a topic? Check out the full story.


How clean can exhaust gas from diesel trucks be? A Particulate Filter removes over 99% of particles in the exhaust stream. Check out what this means for your air quality in this week’s “Dinex Green Fact”.


The diesel engine is today a clean and efficient technology, and it is impossible to start decarbonizing the transport industry without continuing to develop and innovate, and exploit the opportunities of CO2-neutral alternative fuels. Dinex, the OEMs, and the industry is ready with clean, green, and sustainable solutions! Are you?



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