Silencer, DAF

Designed to optimize sound attenuation and -

back pressure

Lock seamed, stamped or welded silencer bodies

Available in aluminized or stainless steel quality

Replaceable with OE

3 Years Warranty

Dinex nº21486
OE nº1318034, 1321301, 1321304, 1340979, 1376805, 1376809, 1386500, 1438191, 1438192, P1122349000, 1905769
Normativa Euro:Euro 3
Alternative version 21391
Longitud [mm]532.00
Número tarifa8708923500
Norma de emisionesEuro 3
Peso neto [kg]38.12
Diámetro [mm]532.00
Diámetro interior [mm]128.00
Diámetro exterior [mm]127.00
Altura [mm]540.00
Ancho [mm]532.00
Weight [LBS]84.04
Altura [pulgadas]21.26
Longitud [in]20.94
Ancho [pulgadas]20.94